The future of
is adaptive

Transforming critical infrastructure

RadeRunner is an open control and SCADA system for complex and critical infrastructure. It unites the advantages of modern software architecture (Cloud Computing, IoT devices, BigData with traditional and proven technologies in the world of automation – resulting in an extreme highly scalable hardware independent automation framework.

Enabling adaptive infrastructure

To enable fast-paced change, existing and future infrastructures will have to become flexible and adaptable while staying safe



The RadeRunner framework is used to manage and control all subsystem in a tunnel. High availability, flexibility and security are the main aspects to cover.


Traffic- and incidentmanagement, based on different signals from sensors and traffic status


(Operator Management Control System)
RadeRunner framework is used as the only software you need for operation and management of Traffic and Tunnelcontrol Systems. It combines both SCADA (OMCS) and PLC tasks


DRM (Dynamic Risk Management based on RadeRunner) is a risk management tool, which dynamically evaluates the risk state. DRM is used to increase life safety and simultaneously to decrease influence on traffic and to decrease costs.


Applying the best of current common technologies to control systems. A step-change in tunnel control systems and automation. Reduced Risk and Support Cost


Scalable Architecture (From IoT Device up to distributed SCADA)

Vendor independent

Hard and Software independent


Based on modern open Technologies

Open System

Flexible Automation Framework with open interfaces


Reduced engineering effort

Maximum Security

State of the art security by design

How it works

RadeRunner combines the advantages of modern software methodologies (cloud computing, IoT, big data) with proven and stable technologies from the world of automation.

This results in extremely scalable hardware-independent automation framework.

Periodic Table

RadeRunner is highly flexible, simply combine the elements you need. To support your alchemy we provide the RadeRunner periodic table of modern automation:

& Features

Applying the best of current common technologies to control systems | A step-change in tunnel control systems and automation | Reduced Risk and Support Cost

Modern Open Technologies (Free of Legacy Constraints)

  • Programming language TypeScript/JavaScript
  • High Performance scalable Webserver (node.js)
  • Open database model (SQL, NoSQL)
  • Version control (Git / Team Foundation Server)

Scalable (Up and Down)

  • Cluster / virtualization / Distributed Software
  • Distributed approach (enabling simple scaling by splitting)
  • Use of embedded devices (IoT) and cloud-technology

Secure / Reliable

  • HTTPS on data and programming/configuration interface
  • No open TCP ports
  • Supports NIS regulation from EU
    (EU 2016/1148) for critical infrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery part of the architecture
  • Redundancy at all levels

Platform independent

  • HTML5 based
  • Responsive design
  • Hardware agnostic engineering


A2 Kollmann Haberberg

Haberberg, Kollmann and Donnersberg tunnel are part of the A02 motorway in Carinthia. These tunnels are after the refurbished according to the latest technical safety regulations.

A22 Kaisermühlentunnel

A22 Kaisermühlentunnel is the longest city tunnel in Vienna
(Austria) with a length off 2.2 km and a daily traffic volume of more than 125.000 vehicles. The Kaisermühlentunnel is the most complicated traffic tunnel in Austria with two lanes in one direction an ten ramps.

A09 control stations

On the A09 highway, five new control points were built between the St. Michael junction and the St. Pankraz branch. This project was initiated as a measure by ASFINAG for more intensive control of tolls and toll evaders. Previously, so-called free-flow lanes were created in order to increase the throughput of the toll stations on the special toll route.

S01 traffic control

Refurbishment of traffic control system on S01 covers an area of 16 km with four intersections (A02, A04, A21 and S01) and five tunnels. The traffic volume is around 70.000 vehicles per day.


Trust, based on many years of successful cooperation

Technical details

Outstanding performance and usability for the future of adaptive infrastructure

  • Anything you can do on the web is available in RadeRunner
  • Visualization flexibility –tailor to the user, tailor to the business, set a standard.
  • Zooming, panning, layering
  • Alarm management / historical data / Trends
  • Full suite of reports – pre-built, or anything you like with exports Office or csv for import.
  • Platform independent HTML5
  • Hardware agnostic engineering
  • Alarm management / historical data / Trend
  • Full suite of reports for maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Control functions (PLC), operational functions (operational scripts / rules)
  • Redundancy at all levels
  • IEC 60870-5-104
  • Fieldbus (Modbus TCP / Modbus RTU / Device Net / BACnet / Profibus / ProfiNet* )


ecoexperts designs, develops and implements master control systems for critical infrastructure and utilities, such as tunnels, road systems and energy farms, ensuring that they are constantly available for use, secure from cyber attacks and scalable for the future.

ecoexperts can act as a principal or system integrator, installing and integrating all sub-systems.

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