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Refurbishment A09 control stations


On the A09 highway, five new control points were built between the St. Michael junction and the St. Pankraz branch. This project was initiated as a measure by ASFINAG for more intensive control of tolls and toll evaders. Previously, so-called free-flow lanes were created in order to increase the throughput of the toll stations on the special toll route.

Project description

ECOexperts set up the control stations together with HABAU as their subcontractor. As a general contractor, HABAU was responsible for all construction activities. ECOexperts was responsible for the entire scope of the electrical installations.
The scope include:

  • the creation of the Windischgarsten control station
  • Connection to the existing Lainberg tunnel, integration into CCR and on-site control panels
  • the creation of the Trieben breakdown bay: distributor, lighting, lighting control manual operation
  • the creation of the Liezen control station: touch panel, inflow control via VMS, automatic sign state programs at the beginning of toll control (e.g. for the police) and cancellation of the signs by stopping the toll control.
  • the production of the rejection systems for current control area Liesingau east and west, directional lane Voralpenkreuz and Spielfeld:
    touch panel for on-site operation, event control for traffic jam detection, speed funnel and diversion via LUS, automatic communication with the emergency services, barrier system with remote control


Functional scope

  • planning and installation of all electrical civil equipment:
    street lighting, constructions, traffic control (VMS, LUS, VMS), traffic loops, overheight detection, cabling, fiber optic infrasturcture
  • 4 touch panels with HTML5 visualization
  • PLC programming
  • FAT and SAT
  • integration in CCR
  • more than 300 digital data points
  • OPC UA, IEC60870-5-104, ModbusTCP, RS485
  • Mail service
  • Alarm service
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