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Refurbishment S01 traffic control


Refurbishment of traffic control system on S01 covers an area of 16 km with four intersections (A02, A04, A21 and S01) and five tunnels. The traffic volume is around 70.000 vehicles per day.

Project description

The project scope was to renew the existing traffic control system and, in the course of the renewal of the system, also introduce a separation of tunnel and open road. The existing control protocol (TLS2009 or manufacturer-specific protocols) for the traffic signs were exchanged to NTCIP. In addition to the control of the traffic signs, the recording of traffic data was also be renewed. The IT network configuration was adapted to the new protocols. For the integration of the new signs with NTCIP, a special gateway was developed by ECOexperts. This Gateway covers all traffic control functions of the existing traffic stations and can also communicate with the traffic management system with TLS and NTCIP.

NTCIP controller: Furthermore, ECOexperts developed and delivered NTCIP-Controllers. These controllers are used to connect VMS, VSLS and other information from road equipments, with the traffic control gateway by using NTCIP.

Challenge: The challenge of the project was, that the field equipment was installed with NTCIP, but the traffic management system still operates with TLS functions. During the project phase, the traffic management system was also renewed. The ECOexperts Gateway handled these changes of protocols and equipment without any disruption of the traffic flow.

Functional scope

  • planning and installation of all electrical civil equipment: street lighting, constructions, traffic control (VMS, LUS, VMS), traffic loops, overheight detection, cabling, fiber optic infrasturcture
  • 4 touch panels with HTML5 visualization
  • PLC programming
  • FAT and SAT
  • integration in CCR
  • more than 300 digital data points
  • OPC UA, IEC60870-5-104, ModbusTCP, RS485
  • Mail service
  • Alarm service
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